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AccessorEyes carries the highest quality sunglasses from leading brands to provide you with the latest in fashion and technology.

Our Current Designer Sunwear Brands

Ray Ban

Tiffany & Co.



Prodesign denmark



Kate spade

UV Protection

Did you know not all sunglasses provide sufficient protection from harmful rays? In order to minimize the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays, we recommend each and every patient owns a pair of sunglasses that provides optimum UV protection. 

Polarized Lenses

We offer polarized sunglasses in order to block light reflecting off of roads, water or snow. Polarized lenses can be beneficial for someone whose hobbies and activities may include golfing, skiing, water sports, fishing and even driving. 

Protecting Young Eyes

Children under the age of 18 are the most vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV light. It is never too early to fit your child with sunglasses. We offer a variety of styles from designer brands to cater to the discerning taste of young trend-setters. 

Made in the Shades

Visit our optical showroom and try on our sunwear to find the best style for you.