Quality Materials & Options

AccessorEyes Nashville only uses the most advanced lenses available to provide optimal vision. We utilize some of the industries top brands including Hoya® lens treatments with the hardest, most durable surface protection available.

We use only the highest quality materials for your glasses. We utilize local and regional professional labs with excellent reputations to guarantee the finest quality eyewear. Your spectacles will normally be ready within 10 working days. We are not striving to be the cheapest or fastest – just the best.

Lens Types

Progressive Lenses

Progressive or 'no-line' bifocals were developed to eliminate the lines separating the various visual areas. Progressive lenses provide a gradual change in power from focus on nearby to focus on distant objects, allowing the wearer to focus on objects at essentially unlimited distances. Another great benefit to progressive lenses is that they are cosmetically more appealing without the line.

Bifocal Lenses

This lens has two distinct sections that allow the wearer to focus both on objects that are further away and those that are closer. They are typically prescribed for individuals whose focusing ability has declined due to presbyopia, a natural aging of the eye that occurs around the age of 45. One thing that is challenging about using bifocals is adjusting to the line between the two visual areas.

Trifocal Lenses

Trifocals feature three areas of focusing power, each separated from the other by a distinct line. The three windows allow for focusing on distant, intermediate and near objects. The advantage of this design is that you get a third, intermediate range of vision. This additional area with help to focus on objects at an arms length, for example, computer screens and automobile dashboards.

Lens Materials


CR39 is the most basic and most affordable of all lens materials. CR39 is typically used with glasses prescriptions that are lower in power and when weight, thickness and durability are not an issue.



Trivex is very strong, light, impact-resistant material ideal for children or people who are regularly involved in sporting activities or work in a job environment that is conducive to easily scratching or breakage.

High Index Lenses

High index lenses are much thinner and lighter than the standard lenses. They are designed to reduce the weight and thickness of the lens due to the prescription. These lenses are ideal for most high prescriptions.

Lens Enhancements

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Normal lenses often create glare, reflections and "ghost images" when light hits the lens surface. Anti-reflective lenses increase the transmission of light through the lens up to 99.5 percent. The increased light reduces glare and enhances vision. Anti-reflective lenses are a great for those that work on computers or have difficulty driving at night.

Polarized Lenses

This sunglass lens offers many advantages. It provides 100% ultra violet protection and eliminates glare and reflection from the sun off of shiny surfaces such as other cars and water. Polarized lenses not only reduce glare, they decrease eye strain and increase visibility. This lens is ideal for driving, fishing and any other outdoor activities.

Photochromic Lenses

Special photochromic molecules embedded within these lens cause them to tint when they are exposed to UV sunlight. When worn indoors, they are clear – just like normal lenses; when worn outdoors, they become tinted like sunglasses. They even protect from 100% of UV rays. This makes them unsuitable for driving due to windshield UV filters.

Cosmetic Tints

Cosmetic tinting for your lenses are a creative way to add unique personality to your eyewear. Our tints come in a variety of fashionable colors and trendy shades, so you can personalize your frames and your lenses to make a unique statement with your eyewear. There are a variety of ways to adjust the color to suit your needs. 


Lenses that are treated with a scratch-resistant coating result in a harder surface. They are a great investment to prevent minor scratches. However, it is important to remember that scratch-resistant does not mean scratch-proof. All lenses are susceptible to scratches. Scratches damage the cosmetic look of the lenses as well as their performance.


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